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Design Consultation

At Attila’s we pride our Services in customer service.

With such a selection of design styles these days it can become overwhelming to determine which stone suits your personal taste, needs and functionality.

We can custom design your house or project making it as convenient as possible by providing samples, calculating plans and measurements to recommending other industry experts such as tilers or stonemasons.

Our large showroom displays are important when selecting natural products to gain an appreciation of the nuance within each batch of stone.

With various sizes and finishes to choose from, it can be overwhelming to choose the stone that best fits your requirement. Each stone has its own unique character, specification and application. In order to minimize wastage and cost, we provide you with one-on-one consultation to recommend the best size and finish that is suitable for your area.

Whether it may take one or multiple visits, we can guide you step by step to get the right look for your project.

Custom Cutting

We can custom cut your stone for a whole range of applications.

Not every pool and design is the same. Therefore, at Attila’s we can customize and custom cut any pool coping to your unique design or shape. Our stone pavers are non-slip and are considered as the ultimate long lasting product for pool and surrounding wet areas. Available in various sizes, colours and finishes including bullnose, pencil edge, square edge and drop face. We use only the highest quality glues and materials with experienced attention to detail workmanship to bring you lifetime guarantee pool copings. Made to order.

Want the look but don’t want to spend? We can custom cut dining and coffee tables. Whether is it from a large slab or small offcuts, we have variety of range to suit all budgets and style.

Natural stone is not only durable and aesthetically pleasing, but also will not fade through exposure to the weather and general wear and tear. We can cut and shape any step or rises and manufacture at our premises to customize to your house design, style or taste. We can manufacture for both commercial and residential projects.

Offcut slabs are mostly suitable for small projects that don’t require large slabs. Mostly applied for vanity tops, hearths, steps, coffee tables, barbeque benches and more. Please visit our Campbellfield warehouse to view all offcuts.

If you have any specific design that doesn’t match the standard sizes available, we can cut any stone to the required size.


Sealing can extend the longevity and usefulness of stone.

With the vast amount of sealers and conflicting information on the market, it can be overwhelming to select the most appropriate sealer for your stone. At Attila’s we do not only supply you with the best sealers, but we will also educate you on the different uses. Sealers are generally divided into three broad types – surface sealers, penetrating sealers and impregnating sealers. It is important to choose the sealer that best suits your stone. Natural stone needs to be sealed once every 15 years for tiles and 25 years for bench tops. We recommend world-leading sealers to give you the optimum results for long lasting usage of your stone. For all your cleaning & sealing needs and a 15 year written warranty please contact: Email: prosealingsolutions@live.com.au


At Attila’s we can organize and arrange your delivery.

We use reliable drivers to ensure your product arrived safely. Due to the weight of the material, most tiles are delivered with semis, which has a forklift at the back, or with a crane truck. This enables not only the safe arrival of your product but has the advantage of being able to maneuver around the pallets and place the material as close to the job site as possible. For small orders, self-pick or couriers is preferred. Our orders are dispatched from our Campbellfield warehouse. If you wish to book a delivery please contact us at least 48 hours prior to you or your builder requiring the goods so that we may schedule a suitable delivery time. For more information and cost of delivery, please speak to a team member.

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